Conch Aid: saving our treasured Florida Keys National Barrier Reef

Scuba divers with American Flag on the USS Vandenberg artificial reef

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Investing In Our National Barrier Reef

Our Florida Keys National Barrier Reef is at a critical tipping point where the continued existence of a living national treasure, and the $3.6 Billion regional economy that depends on it, hangs in the balance. The good news is it can be fixed with a new approach.


Conch Aid is delivering new solutions that invest in the ecosystem’s ability to heal and regenerate, protecting and stimulating the economy that depends on a healthy reef to survive and thrive.


The Florida Keys National Barrier Reef provides food for over a million Americans and visitors, protects our shoreline, and supports a significant ($3.6B) economy including fishing, recreation and tourism. A healthy Reef equals a healthy economy. New threats are emerging that may cause additional destruction of the Reef before we have a chance to repair the existing damage.


The Conch Aid approach brings science together with new economic tools that reward conservation in an integrated 10-year plan that will protect and revitalize the reef while benefiting family-run businesses and the millions of people who depend on the Reef for food and pleasure.

Why Act Now

The Florida Keys National Barrier Reef is at an ecological tipping point where a living national treasure’s survival is at stake. Less than 10% of the living reef remains, with catastrophic declines over the past 30 years due to a range of human-caused ecological threats. And the reef is the $3.6B base of natural capital the Florida Keys economy depends on to survive.

Critical decisions affecting the reef’s future are happening real-time.We need your support now to bring new win-win-win solutions to the table while there’s still a reef left to save. Help us invest in protecting the ecosystem’s ability to sustain commercial fish harvests and recreational use well into the future, while addressing the needs of those who depend on the reef to continue feeding their families today.


What You Can Do Now

ShellOutTurtleYour support helps advance our ecological and economic research, analysis, & advocacy for the reef, engages the international community, and supports the game-changing work of Conch Aid’s team of ecologists, researchers, educators, conservation finance experts, media gurus, and coral restoration trailblazers who are reversing ecological threats and rebuilding the reef. Help defend and protect the Florida Keys National Barrier Reef by investing in the reef today.

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